Cosplay Contest Guidelines

Cosplay Contest Guidelines:

All cosplay photo entries must be of your own cosplays.


Edit: For October’s costume/cosplay contest, a handwritten tag is no longer required for submissions. 

In order to ensure this, we ask that in all photo entries, participants show the current contest tag written on a sheet of paper and fully visible within the photo.

Contest tags will accompany the Cosplay contest post on the Facebook group page.

Nudity is prohibited. Showing genitals in part or full will result in disqualification and removal. You may resubmit the image if such displays are removed from the image. Because this contest operates on Facebook, it is critical that we abide by Facebook’s rules on nudity.

You are allowed to reuse cosplays for contest entries. We realize that some cosplays are time consuming works in progress and can have multiple variations.

You are allowed to submit multiple entries into the contest.

Happy Cosplaying! We are excited to see what our members will come up with!

Goodluck and may the odds be ever in your favor!


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